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Artist statement

As a little boy, my dream job was to own a junkyard. No, really. Naturally, it drew laughs and knowing head-shakes that meant I’d chosen wrong. But I had been moved by an earlier memory of my brother pulling out a perfectly functional me-sized bicycle from a Dumpster. By age 6, I had already learned that there’s often a lot of value in what we discard. 


Putting my artistic dreams into practical application, I make sculptural art and household utility items from rescued wood. As I ventured deeper into my work, I discovered a wealth of incredible wood species growing in South Florida. When those trees come down, they either become mulch, firewood or they can take on a new life as art. I adopt as many as I can.


I work to reveal all the hidden warmth and beauty wood has through design and creation. I maximize every bit of wood I use, with offcuts from large pieces turned into smaller items to make my work available to a wider range of buyers and collectors. Even the waste from my shop (wood shavings) gets composted or used as mulch in my yard.


I find inspiration in the details of our natural world. I’m drawn to natural and organic forms, curves and patterns found in the sea, on land and in the air. Living in South Florida, I turn to sea life for my primary motifs.


Through my work, I hope my patrons see the value in making the best use of our limited resources … and through that effort, we can find a lot of beauty. 

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